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3 Signs you’re working with a Professional Roofing Contractor

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3 Signs you’re working with a Professional Roofing Contractor

Finding trusted, professional roofing services when you truly need a professional, is a daunting task. When homeowners find themselves reaching out for help for the first time, it’s typically because of a crisis. There’s a leak in the roof, or part of it has blown off, or they realize that they have to get it inspected before they have the house appraised. No one shops for professional roofing services just for fun. When you’re tight on time here are some key signs to look for that show you’re working with professionals.

1. They provide their qualification

It’s hard to know which professional roofing services are legitimate and which ones aren’t just by looking at an advertisement. To start off with, you should look for a business license. From there, ask about their expertise, or any certification training that they put their technicians through. Professional roofing services may also specialize in one or more kinds of roofing, or one or more kinds of repair. Industrial roofing services that offer residential repairs as well are a good bet, as they have a variety of experience.

2. They provide an estimate before starting any work

You should always get an estimate before you begin any project. This estimate may be subject to change, but it’s important to get it in writing and use it as the basis of your contract. The estimate should include everything that would go into the repair. Parts and labor are essential. If possible, also ask the company to itemize the list of repairs they are going to do. “Fix a roof” can be broken down into a lot of different steps, such as “replace rotten shingles” and “seal against weather”.

If you have the time, interview multiple professional roofing services before you commit to any particular one. You should make sure that your estimate is competitive, but also consider the breakdown of services. The cheapest estimate may be lacking steps that a more expensive estimate has included. Value doesn’t always mean least expensive. If you’re considering both residential and industrial roofing services, make sure that they’re quoting for your needs as a homeowner. There may be different expectations for industrial roof repair.

3. They’ve worked with insurance companies before

Insurance companies are picky about how their paperwork is formatted or turned in. Since you’ll most likely be reaching out to new professional roofing services in a time of crisis you can’t afford mistakes. Professional roofing service that regularly work with insurance companies will be thorough and detailed so that your paperwork is turned in properly. They will also be able to give you an estimate that covers what your insurance company will ask of you.

Professional roofing service will look like other professional services in a variety of ways. They must have good communication skills, they must return your calls, and they should be polite and punctual. Everything that applies to another company will apply to them when it comes to customer service.

Besides basic customer service and the ability to see to your roof promptly, you want to look for experience and knowledge. Remember to ask for their business license and ask about their experience working with insurance companies. From there, let the estimates be the guide as you find the right roofers for your needs.

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